Leesburg VA Plumbers – Marketing Strategy for your Plumbing Company

In every city around the country, you will find heavy competition when it comes to plumbing companies. In order to make your business stand out from the rest, you need to have a marketing strategy that gets you noticed, and helps you attract and work with new potential clients. We want to share with you a few ways to help you capture more clients, and jump to the top of the search engines for your most important phrases and terms.  This article will give you a head start on the competition.

Keyword Research For Plumbing Companies

Before you do anything on your website, blog, or social media channels, you need to determine what keywords you want to rank for. You want to find keywords that are heavily searched and also have some buyer intent. We don’t want to give away all of our secrets for what we do in Miami, so we will work in another market to do our research and provide an online strategy.  Lets optimize our website in Leesburg, Virginia.

We want to start our keyword research with Google, and the keyword planner.  We want to determine which keywords we want to target in our content, H1’s, Title, alt tags and images.  As we move over to the keyword planner, we do a search for plumbing, plumbing contractor, and plumbing company.  We want to change the location we are targeting to Leesburg, Virginia in our searches on Google.  The image below shows you where to do this.

From here, we want to search and see the search volume for these keywords, along with other related keywords in that area. Different markets are going to yield different results when it comes to local search.  We may have different ways to search for Miami Plumbers, and we want to optimize our site differently than what we may find in Leesburg.  We can see that we added Leesburg plumber to our list of keywords, and this gave us variations of the keywords we want to use.  This image below shows what had the most search volume in this particular market.

Based on this information we can see that there are not a lot of searches in this market, but we also understand that Google does not give us all of the information on this page.  What we are looking at are some higher search volumes, but then we also want to look at the average cost per click. The higher the price under the suggested bid, the more buyer intent. If Google is able to charge $81.10 for the keyword plumbers in Leesburg VA, we know companies are willing to pay a lot of money because that keyword phrase converts viewers to actual customers.  As we continue to research, we also look at the other keywords appearing on the page of Google, and what they are suggesting.  We have found hundreds of keywords that Google believes to be relevant to the keywords we implemented at the top of the page.   From this information, we were able to download a ton of useful, related, LSI, keywords that Google believes should be in the content of our page we are looking to rank.  Here are a few of the examples:

Plumbing Keywords For Leesburg Plumbers


leesburg plumber
plumbing companies
plumbing contractor
plumber leesburg va
plumbing supply
water heater
tankless water heater
garbage disposal
plumbers in leesburg va
my plumber
plumbers near me
bathroom faucets
hot water heater
sump pump
plumber plumber
plumbing work
install toilet
plumbing questions
sewer clog
drain jetting
outdoor faucet leaking
water pipe leak
sewer service
leaking water heater
all plumbing services
plumbing training
a1 plumbing
hot water heater leaking
emergency plumbing repair
sink clog
plumbing apprenticeship
toilet repair
mr rooter
kitchen sink installation
hot water heat
bathtub drain replacement
top plumb
plumbing store
plumbing license
precision plumbing
sink leaking
unclog toilet
plumbing leak detection
disposal repair
benjamin franklin plumbing
24 7 plumbing
ace plumbing
kohler plumbing
best plumbing
able plumbing
electric hot water heater repair
replace water heater
general plumbing
clogged sewer
water leak
water heater leaking
water heater maintenance
water line replacement
sewer plumbing
leaking pipe repair
discount plumbing
hot water heater problems
plumbing rooter
plumbing school
water heater problems
plumbing jobs
state plumbing
plumbing parts
faucet leaking
sewer backup
toilet leaking
plumbing courses
shower repair
sump pump repair
unclog drain
plumbing estimates
drain blockage
hot water heater repair
drainage problems
bathtub faucet repair
heating contractors
plumbing fixtures
plumbing services near me
plumbing and drainage
your plumber
bathtub faucet replacement
superior plumbing
cheap plumber
clogged kitchen drain
leak detection services
kitchen sink clog
fix leaking faucet
gas water heater repair
fix faucet
all service plumbing
septic tank repair
rooter rooter
clogged shower drain
basement plumbing
gas plumber
water heater service
plumbing subcontractors
mr plumber

This list of keywords gives us a solid list of keywords to use in the content on our main page, as well as any internal pages that we use on our site.  Linking from one of our internal pages with keywords like this will give us a huge advantage over the competition.

Being Considered The Best Leesburg Plumber

If you rank in the organic listings or the maps listing, you are going to get a considerable amount of traffic to your website.  When we do our search for the best Leesburg Plumber, we find companies like iPlumb Home Services, RotoRooter, and Oquin’s as some of the top results.  But is it the keyword research and on-page optimization that is enough?  Are there other factors at play.  How well rounded are the companies at the top of the search engines when it comes to social media, blogging, internal linking, and backlinks?

When we do a search for one of the companies above on Google for their brand name, we see a large number of other social media platforms being used in order to rank on Google for plumbing company Leesburg.  This company has taken the time to get listed on Yelp, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Google +, Angie’s List, Behance, Twitter, and so many more. They have cemented their brand, iPlumb Home Services, in Google, and have taken the time to create good content that can provide value to visitors of their site.

You can also see that they have properly listed their business along with their location in Leesburg Virginia on Google Maps.   You can see the red dot with the black dot inside indicating their location below.  This page will ultimately link back to the Google + account along with their website.  Again, they have taken the time to complete all of their information properly on Google My Business, and they are easily found when we attempt to search for them online.


Identifying The Most Important Web Page For Leesburg Plumbers

This tip is worth its weight in gold when we look to rank for a particular city and search phrase.  As we researched this website a bit further, we noticed that the home page was not the page they were optimizing for when people searched for Leesburg plumber.  Why?  Because the home page is the billboard for the company, an internal page is most relevant when it comes to the city they are targeting in Virginia.  If you do a search on Google for Leesburg Plumber, the Leesburg page is what shows in the search results.  Again, a clear indication that this company is providing people exactly what they are looking for online.  There are a number of other things you can do to help dominate your rankings online, but you don’t want to go overboard.  Here is a blog post recently published on how Google has been cracking down on the Maps listings, and measures they are taking to remove fake listings.   You can use examples above to help rank your website online, and this should give you a clear indication of what you should be doing to market your plumbing company.  We hope this helps you.  Drop us a line if you like what you see.